The Dutch Task Force for Health Care (TFHC) is a progressive, solutions-minded group – that knows how to connect and have fun! We were treated to a wonderful immersion into the Dutch Life Sciences and Health Care sector, with high level overviews and broad field trips. In addition, the wonderful diversity of the invited delegations with ample opportunity to network and learn really reinforced the TFHC slogan: Shared Challenges, Smart Solutions. Mr Mark Shen, CEO of Ascension Texas Accountable Network 


The 2020 virtual event was organized in such an interactive manner, it felt like you were in the Netherlands yourself. Great work! Lukas Rahmidin, Sr. Policy Officer, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Jakarta 


It was such a pleasure participating in such an inspiring and well organized event. Many thanks for bringing together so many bright and innovative leaders into one forum. Mr John Mattison, MD, Asst Med Dir CMIO Kaiser Permanente


Thank you for your excellent care during my visit to the Netherlands. I returned to my work in Poland after a few weeks abroad and following discussions with the representatives of Medical University of Gdańsk and the Pomeranian Province, I would like to invite the Task Force Health Care to visit us at a convenient time. Mr Piotr Popowski, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland

The visit was very useful for us and we already have had several follow up meetings planned. We are working closely to support our Dutch friends to access the Health Care Strategy Plans for about ten counties. We are planning a health conference early next year to which we intend to work with the Dutch Embassy so that we can invite Dutch organisations to attend and showcase their solutions. This way we shall be able to link them directly to the users and provide a wider market. Ms Jacqueline Mogeni, Chief Executive Officer, Council of Governors, Kenya

I am grateful for the opportunity and support of the H~H Visitors Programme. Myself and the rest of the Kenya delegation found it very fruitful. The visits and discussions at the Ministry of Health at the Hague, Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam and Amsterdam Medical Centre provided us good exposure and lessons on the very successful Dutch Health System. Additionally, the World of Health Care was a great networking and contacts building opportunity. We were exposed to several health care companies in the Netherlands and I have already received a number of follow up contacts. Dr Samuel Mwenda, Chief Executive Officer, Christian Health Association of Kenya

The visit was very fruitful in terms of content as well as the site visits. Both my chairman and I learnt a lot and gained very useful insights that we will apply in our hospital strategy going forward. The programme was sufficiently packed to keep us engaged as were the evening networking sessions. Thank you for arranging everything for us. Mr Gordon Otiento Odundo, Chief Executive Officer, The Nairobi Hospital, Kenya


On behalve of the Chinese delegation I would like to thank the organisation for their hospitality and very warm welcome. It was a very well organised programme with informative meetings. In addition, our appreciation to your flexibility, especially in adding the second visit to a leading rehabilitation clinic on the last day!  Ms Joyce Guan, ‎Netherlands Consulate General Shanghai, China


The visit to the Netherlands was very good and we had several follow-ups after the trip. We are looking forward to connect with the Dutch again in the near future. Mr Christoph Matt, Leiter eHealthcare Supply Chain, Sana Klinik Einkauf GmbH, Germany


It was a very informative and enjoyable visit and we learnt a lot about the Dutch Health System and related solutions. Dr Themba Moeti, Chief Executive Officer, Health Systems Trust South Africa

About the organizer

Task Force Health Care (TFHC) has been representing the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector since 1996. The public-private, not-for-profit platform consist of partners from industry, knowledge institutes, NGOs, healthcare providers and the government, all active in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector. These partners provide innovative and sustainable solutions to global (and local) healthcare challenges and are active all over the world. In the last decade we                                                                                                                                                                                                               visited and maintained relationships with more than 30 countries! Read more...